Born in Genoa, Monica Foglia lives and works in Monaco. After working in her family's art gallery, where she had the opportunity to meet the major Italian and international artists, she has developed an artistic vision that leads her to explore human being's existential dimension, through sculpture.

Her works bridge the gap between sculpture and design, creating links between these differing fields. The nautical world proves to be an attentive and prolific interlocutor for the artist, who realizes numerous site-specific works for elegant cruise ships and yachts.

The artist's investigation into the concept of Lightness of Being becomes an opportunity to fathom the existential doubts that are part of each individual's inner journey, creating at the same time a connection between the individual and the community.

That is contemporary philosophical vertigo that portrays a society suspended between the critical self-analysis of its existence and its earthly and material dimension.
Art thus becomes the human being's attempt to reach an ideal dimension of himself, a universal synthesis capable of giving meaning to life, escaping the heaviness imposed by subjectivity.